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Quid Pro Quo® is one of the most highly regarded legal and executive search consultants in the industry and has provided law firms, corporations and corporate legal departments throughout the country and across the globe a combination of consultative and strategic legal search and executive headhunting expertise for over two decades.

We are a specialized legal and executive search consultancy with a global reach and the capabilities and resources necessary to recruit top attorney and executive talent under tight deadlines.

Whether the need is for Associate Attorneys, General Counsel, Partners or a Practice Group, a Chief Executive Officer or Board Director, Quid Pro Quo® has proven its ability to search out exceptionally qualified attorney and executive candidates time and again – all via a client-centric process that emphasizes collaboration, confidentiality, clear communication and the delivery of professional, value-added search results.

A comprehensive approach

The Quid Pro Quo® approach to legal and executive recruiting is all-encompassing – providing clients with a comprehensive range of benefits and services that demonstrate a total commitment to the process while paving the way to a successful outcome:

  • Every legal and corporate recruitment effort is lead by a team of talented and experienced Quid Pro Quo® headhunters. These are licensed attorneys and industry veterans who have proven their ability to assess the market's true realities, consult with clients on the best strategy for success, then search out the most talented prospects.
  • Our in-depth evaluation of each client's unique requirements and corporate culture allows the Quid Pro Quo® team to explore the motivating factors underlying the need for new talent, and allows us to form a strategic, symbiotic partnership with our clients.
  • Our process of providing live market research, feedback and analysis throughout each engagement allows clients to see how their reputation and perception within the industry compares to that of their competitors, and what adjustments, if any, are necessary to attract the top talent desired.
  • Every contact with a recruiting resource or prospective candidate is treated as a brand-building opportunity for our client – and an opportunity for the Quid Pro Quo® team to educate and inform influential members of the community about our client's reputation and capabilities.
  • Detailed progress updates are provided throughout each recruitment cycle, allowing clients to see the effort expended to date and the results achieved thus far.
  • Quid Pro Quo®'s ongoing investments in the latest collaboration technologies enables our search specialists to share attorney and executive talent information with clients located around the globe faster and more efficiently than ever.
  • Quid Pro Quo® works primarily on a retained basis, but has a flexible approach to fees with some legal and executive searches conducted on a mixed retainer/contingency fee basis arranged by mutual consent.

Quality candidates are the priority

Quid Pro Quo® takes great pride in its ability to consistently search out exceptionally qualified attorney and executive candidates. Our search and recruitment team is results-driven and committed to providing each client with the highest caliber of attorney and executive talent available.

Over the last 20-plus years, Quid Pro Quo® and its legal and executive search consultants have developed an extensive network of headhunting resources within the legal and business communities. Leveraging those resources enables our recruiters to access the most promising candidate prospects.

Quid Pro Quo® conducts detailed searches for top-qualified attorney and executive leaders who represent the best in their field. We guide those prospects through a comprehensive screening and evaluation process to find those who have the talent, skill and experience desired by the client, and who also possess the work-ethic and personality fit that uniquely compliments the client's organization.

We specialize in searches for:

  • In-House Attorneys
  • General Counsel
  • Associate General Counsel
  • Associates and lateral hires
  • Contract Attorneys
  • Partners
  • Of Counsel
  • Practice Groups
  • Firm mergers
  • C-Suite positions in law firms
  • Board Directors
  • Presidents
  • Vice Presidents
  • Chief Executive Officers<
  • Chief Operating Officers
  • Chief Financial Officers
  • Chief Marketing Officers
  • Chief Technology Officers
  • Chief Information Officers
  • Directors + Executive Directors

Quid Pro Quo® can also conduct market research, perform business analysis and provide consulting services, to clients who require these additional services.

Non-commission, professional search consultants

From the initial client request to the final candidate placement, Quid Pro Quo®'s legal and executive search consultants work as a unified team to ensure the end-result fulfills each client's expectations.

Our search consultants are among the most skilled and experienced legal and executive headhunters in the industry. With backgrounds in human resources, law and business, these recruiters understand the real-world requirements of the positions they are called upon to fill. That professional knowledge, combined with years of hands-on attorney and executive headhunting experience, enables these professionals to quickly determine which candidates are proper matches for any open position.

Employed on a salaried basis, our recruiting experts are motivated not by commissions, quotas or artificial deadlines, but rather the pride and professional fulfillment that results when the right candidate is matched to the right position – to the satisfaction of both parties.

Conveniently located where our clients conduct business

Headquartered in Seattle, Washington, with a growing national and international presence, Quid Pro Quo® is a specialized legal and executive search consultancy with a global reach, providing qualified attorney and executive talent to discerning legal and corporate clients wherever they may be located.

To establish a meaningful connection with the Quid Pro Quo® recruiter near you, Contact Us.

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