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The Dawg Blog is a collection of Law Dawgs company news and insights into the legal and corporate staffing industry.

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Why a Mentor and Where to Find One

Posted on November 30, 2016 by Law Dawgs | Candidate Services

Mentors represent an extremely valuable resource for every level of professional - from recent graduates to senior personnel. If you're new to the concept, a "mentor" is essentially an experienced adviser that assists a professional in achieving career objectives. These objectives may include: finding a job, balancing work and life demands, successfully addressing a specific legal issue or work related task, and listening to new ideas. The benefits of a mentor truly abound and they're actually not that difficult to find... Continue Reading

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Deciphering the Different Types of Law Firms

Posted on November 23, 2016 by Law Dawgs | Candidate Services

If you're new to the legal industry, reading job posts can get a bit puzzling. For example, what the heck is a "boutique" firm? If I apply to a position at a "full-service" firm, do I need experience in multiple practice areas? If I go to work for a small firm, will I get paid less than if I work at a large firm? What qualifies as a "large" firm? There are thousands of different law firms across the U.S. today and many candidates get confused as to law firm types... Continue Reading

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How to Become an Awesome Legal Assistant

Posted on November 16, 2016 by Law Dawgs | Candidate Services

In many ways, legal assistants are the backbone of a law firm or a corporate legal department. They keep attorneys on track. They answer demands under pressure. Legal assistants perform the critical role of organizing matters and helping to ensure that deadlines are met. There are several attributes that all successful legal assistants should hold, including: great organizational skills, quality typing and proofreading skills, shrewd concentration, and knowledge of legal terms and procedures. But what makes a legal assistant truly awesome in the minds of attorneys and hiring managers?.. Continue Reading

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5 Tips to Follow During the Doldrums of Legal Employment

Posted on November 09, 2016 by Law Dawgs | Candidate Services

Many of today's legal job seekers will likely experience the doldrums of employment. Despite tireless efforts, weeks and perhaps months may pass before a candidate is able to secure a legal position. This applies equally to lawyers, paralegals, legal assistants and legal support staff. This also holds true no matter if you're a recent graduate looking for your first job or an experienced member of the legal industry that is searching for a new position... Continue Reading

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Aim for "Best Firm/Company" Status to Reduce Hiring Costs

Posted on November 02, 2016 by Law Dawgs | For Employers

Hiring a new candidate is not an easy task. It requires an extensive amount of obligations, manpower and expenses. In fact, according to a recent estimate by, today's cost of recruiting, hiring and training a new employee is close to $4,000. As noted by The Staffing Stream, however, there might just be an effective way to reduce the costs associated with new hires... Continue Reading

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