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4 Ways to a Better LinkedIn Profile

Posted on August 09, 2017 by Law Dawgs | Candidate Services

LinkedIn has over 500 million users. It stands as the world's largest professional network and gains two new members every second. With numbers like these, every job hunter and legal professional should have a LinkedIn profile to boost their careers and unlock new doors. A secret though is to not just have any profile.. Continue Reading

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A Virtual Paralegal?

Posted on July 12, 2017 by Law Dawgs | Candidate Services

Given today's technology, it may not surprise that paralegals are no longer tied to law firms and corporate legal departments. Virtual paralegals (sometimes referred to as digital paralegals) do exist. These legal professionals perform the same duties as traditional paralegals, but accomplish them remotely - typically from a home office. Granted, a virtual position is not right for everyone. But, sometimes a little creativity is necessary when securing a job that's right for you... Continue Reading

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5 Ways ALL Legal Professionals Can Boost Performance

Posted on June 15, 2017 by Law Dawgs | Candidate Services

Every legal professional can improve. There's no exception. We can all perform better at our jobs - period. This holds true for lawyers, paralegals, litigation support personnel and legal administrators. Now, getting better at our jobs can grow complex. This is especially true if betterment requires specialized training and further education. But, there are a few simple ways we can all increase our productivity and sharpen our skills right this minute... Continue Reading

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Interview Tips 101 - Passing the Phone Interview

Posted on May 31, 2017 by Law Dawgs | Candidate Services

Odds are you've probably had a phone interview at some point in your legal career. If not, we're sure you're quite familiar with the concept. Law firms and corporate legal departments use phone interviews to: (1) recruit candidates; (2) narrow candidate pools and identify in-person interview worthy candidates; and/or, (3) interview remote or out-of-town candidates. No matter the reason used, there is one certainty on this issue. You can't undervalue the importance of a phone interview... Continue Reading

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Social Media Recruiting Statistics Law Firms and Legal Departments Must Know

Posted on May 17, 2017 by Law Dawgs | For Employers

Perhaps your law firm or corporate legal department is unsure whether it should begin using social media sites to recruit candidates. Or, maybe your company is using social media recruiting and it's pondering whether it should continue to do so. No matter the exact location you lie on within the social media recruiting spectrum, some recent statistics might influence your current hiring strategies... Continue Reading

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