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Law Dawgs® – A specialist, full-service legal and corporate staffing and placement company, and more.

Law Dawgs® is a leading provider of legal and corporate staffing and placement services, offering law firms, corporations and corporate legal departments throughout the country and across the globe an extensive selection of customized legal and corporate human capital solutions.

Headquartered in Seattle, Washington, with a global reach and more than two decades of experience, Law Dawgs® offers clients responsive, efficient and value-added solutions to their staffing and placement needs.

From temporary support staff to project attorneys, secretaries to complete litigation teams, Law Dawgs® provides qualified legal and corporate personnel via a client-centric process that emphasizes collaboration, confidentiality, clear communication and satisfaction.

Custom staffing and placement solutions

Understanding and appreciating each client's unique culture is crucial to our success in achieving our clients' preferred provider of staffing and placement solutions. Our service offerings include:
    • Staffing for temporary and interim assignments. Short- or long-term personnel to assist with workload peaks and staff shortages.
    • Project staffing. Temporary staffing resources to help with complex projects.
    • Temporary-to-hire placements. Allows clients to develop a working relationship with a candidate before extending an offer of employment.

    • Direct-hire placements. Candidates placed in staff positions with client companies.

Quality candidates are the priority

In a crowded field of generalists, Law Dawgs® stands out as a leading legal and corporate staffing and placement specialist. We take great pride in our ability to consistently search out exceptional candidates on behalf of clients. Our professional placement team is committed to providing clients with the highest caliber of legal and corporate staff available – not just another face and resume.

Over the last 20-plus years, our placement specialists have developed an extensive network of resources within the legal and business communities. Leveraging those resources enables the Law Dawgs® team to access the most promising candidate prospects.

We guide those prospects through a comprehensive screening and evaluation process to find those individuals who have the required talent, skill and experience, and also possess the work ethic and personality that provide the best fit for the client organization.

Our human capital solutions include:
    • Office support staff. Messengers, copy/errands personnel, receptionists, file clerks.
    • Clerical assistants. Secretaries, word processors, transcriptionists.
    • Legal support staff. Document clerks and coders, legal assistants, paralegals, law clerks and J.D.s, contract attorneys, contracts administrators, legal administrators.
    • Litigation/trial preparation teams. Document production, privileged document review, due diligence, medical record summarization, deposition digesting, litigation case managers
    • And more
Non-commission, professional placement specialists

From the initial client request to the final candidate placement, Law Dawgs® placement specialists work as a team to ensure the end-result represents the best collective effort.

Law Dawgs®' placement specialists are some of the most skilled and experienced in the industry With background in human resources, law and business. These specialists understand the real-world requirements of the legal and corporate positions they are called upon to fill. This professional knowledge, combined with years of hands-on staffing experience, enables our placement team to quickly evaluate the skills of each candidate and place them in positions with the highest likelihood of success.

Employed on a salaried basis, Law Dawgs®' placement specialists are motivated not by commissions, quotas or artificial deadlines, but rather the pride and professional fulfillment that results when the right candidate is matched to the right position – to the satisfaction of both parties.

A higher level of customer service

At Law Dawgs®, quality-of-service and speed-of-response is our mission. We practice a very personal brand of staffing and placement – an approach that emphasizes quality while maintaining an efficient speed-to-close for our clients.

Our process starts with an in-depth evaluation of each client's unique personnel requirements and corporate culture – key factors that the Law Dawgs® team spends a considerable amount of time studying before presenting any candidates.

Once the requisition parameters have been established, Law Dawgs®' placement specialists work in partnership with our client counterparts, ensuring the placement process is a seamless collaboration of our collective knowledge and talents.

Additional service advantages are gained through Law Dawgs®' ongoing investments in the latest customer-relationship-management technologies. Online job listings, an interactive Web site and a dynamic state-of-the-art candidate database provide our placement specialists with the resources necessary to continue expanding the talent pool, while allowing our clients to monitor the staffing and recruitment process interactively.

Law Dawgs®' process of regularly following up during and after each placement ensures every candidate's performance meets or exceeds the clients' expectations.

This combination of dedicated customer service, professional partnership and technological prowess forms the core of our client-centric approach to staffing and placement – and aims to provide our clients with a competitive advantage via a value-added return on their human-capital investment.

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