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Is it Time for a Legal Career Coach?

Posted on October 25, 2018 by Law Dawgs | Candidate Services

For those unfamiliar with the term, a career coach essentially helps a person build, re-pair, and/or re-adjust his career and associated career goals. The reality is that a career coach can serve as a valuable resource for many types of professionals - including some working within the legal industry. But, not all legal professionals have to work with a coach. Certain signs will make it evident that it might be time to consult with a coach for a career boost... Continue Reading

Law Dawgs

4 Things Legal Candidates Must Delete from Their Resume Right Now

Posted on October 11, 2018 by Law Dawgs | Candidate Services

This article applies to all types of legal professionals and candidates - from attorneys and paralegals to legal administrators and support staff. We should all be interested in constantly perfecting our legal resumes. This is because the document is one of the most critical tools for landing new jobs and exploring new opportunities. In the quest for perfection, we must all know that there are certain things that candidates can never ever have on their resumes... Continue Reading

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