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4 Complications Legal Recruiters May Face When Staffing a Project

Posted on March 29, 2019 by Law Dawgs | Candidate Services
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Life if full of hurdles and challenges. Legal recruitment and staffing are certainly not without them. The reality is that legal recruiters face several complications when it comes to staffing for projects. And, an inherent problem with this is that projects can get delayed or downright canceled because of the complications. What complications you may ask?

The scope and nature of projects change

Legal projects are rarely static, especially in their initial stages. These projects can change dramatically in a short amount of time, and the change may affect the nature of the work and the overall scope of work that is to be performed.

These changes have serious repercussions. They can sometimes delay projects.  They can result in fewer candidates getting staffed. They may even result in projects getting canceled. Legal recruiters and legal staffing agencies have no control of these changes. We wish we did.

Employers Delay in Providing Project Details

Legal projects cannot get fully staffed until all of the details are know about the specific project. However, legal recruiters are sometimes late in getting critical project details. And, this creates complications in terms of the number of candidates sought and the exact qualifications that make a candidate right for the project.

The delay in receiving details is not upon the legal recruiter. It most often lies with the firm or corporate legal department that is sponsoring the project – and often for good reason. These entities, when tasked with a new project, still have to face everyday life, normal workloads, case management schedules, etc. The truth is that sometimes the nature of the legal industry itself causes delays in staffing firms getting the critical information they need need to fully staff a project.

No “Off-Site” Location

Some legal projects require an off-site location where legal professionals can perform the tasks of the project. This is because firms or corporations often do not have the extra space to house a pool of lawyers or professionals needed for temporary work. But off-site locations are sometimes difficult to acquire. This difficulty can push back project start dates and disrupt project schedules.

Cases can Grow Complex

The law itself is complex. Legal cases, thus, can grow chaotic and convoluted in just days from their inception. This is just the nature of the legal industry.

What this means when it comes to recruiting and staffing is this…often, projects get delayed or even disappear because of the complexities within a legal matter. A legal recruiting agency may get a call from an employer on a Monday morning asking for 10 lawyers for a quick 2-week project. However, within a few hours, a new call may get received where the employer informs that the project may not be needed because of a “new complexity” within the case. And, a few hours later, a similar phone call may get received.

LAW DAWGS highlights the above just so that our candidates know that sometimes things happen that disrupt a legal project. These “things” often take place without our control. We wish we could fix them, but we always cannot. 

Pleas know that we are always here for assistance. If you have questions on why a legal project may have changed or gotten delayed, simply contact us for more information. We’re all about full disclosure and we will always answer your questions.

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