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4 Tips for Listing Temp Legal Jobs on a Resume

Posted on July 12, 2019 by Law Dawgs | Candidate Services
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Numerous legal professionals, at some point in their careers, will take on a temporary legal job – or maybe even several. Temp legal work is a huge component of the legal industry and there is nothing wrong or unfavorable about these opportunities. The converse is actually true – they can be extremely rewarding and result in quality experience. But a difficulty sometime creeps in with listing these positions on a resume. Breath easy people, for we are here to help!

1. List Each Position Separately if Only a Few Temp Jobs Worked

The manner in which a candidate lists temp positions on a resume will differ depending on whether the candidate has worked a few jobs or several. The general rule is that if a professional works only a few jobs, he should list these as separate entries. In addition, he should provide one of the following words next to the job title: “temporary,” “contract,” or “temp.”

Consider, as an example, the following:

Michael, Jeffrey, Jordan, PLLC, Seattle, WA

Paralegal (Temporary) ǀ Dec 2017-April 2019

  • Conducted four research projects per week for senior attorneys
  • Organized trial exhibits for 27 different trials….

The Hogwarts Company, Scottsdale, AZ

Attorney (Contract) ǀ April 2018 – Dec 2018

  • Negotiated contractual terms on 14 company contracts
  • Personally communicated with clients on…

2. Group Temp Jobs if There are Many Worked

If a candidate has several temp legal jobs under his belt, he should group them together under one entry. When this is done, the temp agency that provided the opportunity should be listed as the employer. Then, all of the temp legal jobs through that agency get listed. If an agency only provided one job, then still list the agency as the employer with the one entry. It is up to the candidate on whether he would like to list each company worked for.

Consider, as an example, the following entry:

Law Dawgs, Inc., Seattle, WA ǀ 2017 – Present

Legal Support Staff Member– Temp

Worked on a temporary basis via Law Dawgs, Inc., as a legal support staff member, for several Seattle area firms. In this capacity:

  • Organized legal files
  • Communicated with…

3. Show examples

It is critical for candidates to show examples of accomplishments that were made with an employer – this applies no matter if that employer was for a permanent job or a temp job. Hiring personnel want to see results. They want to see evidence of what a candidate did. It is not enough for a professional to say that he “performed legal research.” Rather, the professional has to provide details, like the number of research projects performed, who the research was for, how it was used, and whether it contributed to the employer’s success (and if so, how).

4. Be Creative

It is true that some temporary positions might not be challenging or rewarding all of the time. Okay, maybe some might even be slow or relatively boring. If so, this should never be reflected on a resume. Rather, a candidate has to get creative to find ways to make that opportunity seem exciting on paper. This cannot be done through lies. Instead, professionals should put a fun spin on the job and focus on those details that made the position positive and gratifying.

If you’re having difficulties in perfecting your resume due to past temp work experience, simply follow the tips above and build a resume that screams success. If you’re still having difficulties, simply contact us and let us help. Once your resume is complete, please check our job portal for opportunities that we are currently staffing for.

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