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Aim for "Best Firm/Company" Status to Reduce Hiring Costs

Posted on November 02, 2016 by Law Dawgs | For Employers
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Hiring a new candidate is not an easy task. It requires an extensive amount of obligations, manpower and expenses. In fact, according to a recent estimate by, today’s cost of recruiting, hiring and training a new employee is close to $4,000.

As noted by The Staffing Stream, however, there might just be an effective way to reduce the costs associated with new hires. The solution requires a law firm or company to attain a “Best Employer” designation. Contrary to your initial reaction, attaining this designation is not that difficult and will pay off in the long run. 

The Impact of “Best”

Perhaps more so today than any other time in the past, candidates are seeking “friendly” firms and companies to work for. New hires care about such things as work-life balance and they flock after job openings from employers that are deemed the “Best” to work for.

The Staffing Stream illustrated this point nicely using Southwest as an example. Some recent years ago, Southwest was voted one of the “100 Best Companies to Work For” by Fortune magazine. Immediately following this “Best” designation, Southwest soon had more than 100,000 applicants competing for 2,500 positions. Today, the company has 300,000 applicants for 6,500 positions.  A major result of this is that Southwest has experienced a substantial decline in its cost-per-hire numbers. Yes, a “Best” designation does in fact reduce hiring costs.

How to Become the “Best”

Like Fortune, there are numerous outlets that generate “Best Company to Work For” lists. The key concept to understand about these lists is that it’s the company’s employees that are responsible for voting the company onto the lists. Thus, the easiest way for a law firm or company to become one of the “Best” is to appeal to its employees. To better attract applicants, and thereby reduce hiring costs, companies and firms must become known as employee friendly.

Most of the firms and companies that receive “Best” designation utilize five essential elements to help make employees happy.  These include:

  • Making new employees feel special
  • Providing frequent and consistent communication
  • Recognizing employees for positive work performance
  • Forgiving employees for mistakes
  • Providing opportunities for learning and growth

Let’s Follow the Logic

The above may sound like an overly simplistic way to reduce hiring costs. But, it makes perfect sense. Companies and firms include the above elements into their work culture. The result is a more employee friendly environment. With this added sense of friendliness, employees are more prone to vote for their employer as a “Best Company to Work For.” Candidates receive this information and soon flood the company or firm with applications.

Once the dust settles, the company receives a substantial reduction in hiring costs. You may still have your doubts. But, just consider Southwest. 

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