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The Power of Company Culture - What Hiring/Recruiting Managers Must Know

Posted on March 22, 2017 by Law Dawgs | For Employers
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The Power of Company Culture – What Hiring/Recruiting Managers Must Know

While there are many different definitions of the term “company culture,” or, “business culture,” the differences in meaning are slight. For purposes of this post, it’s safe to assume the phrases refer to the values and behaviors that shape the social and psychological behavior of a business. A company’s culture is tremendously powerful and impacts such important business ideals as worker happiness and productivity. Therefore, it’s so important for hiring and recruiting managers to know the nature of this power and ways to create it.

Let’s Follow the Logic

The power of a company’s culture is best understood in considering three logical steps. These involve desire, productivity and recruitment/referrals. We promise, no math is involved in all of this and it’s relatively easy to grasp.

A great business culture attracts happy employees that desire to go to work. Granted, not all employees will race to their job the minute the alarm clock beeps 100% of the time. But, for much of the time, a positive culture will result in happier workers that enjoy one another and the atmosphere they work within.

This desire to go to work logically leads to a more productive work environment. Happy workers are productive employees. Rather than surfing the internet, for example, and counting down the minutes left on the day, happy employees enjoy overcoming challenges and perform their work faster with more creative ideas.  An increase in productivity, further, often translates into a more successful law firm or corporation.

This success, coupled with a fantastic culture, leads to our last logical step. Recruiting or hiring managers will rarely have to “sell” a candidate on working for a business with a great culture. If a company is fun and rewarding to work for, and it enjoys a successful reputation, candidates will want to work for you. Existing employees will also help generate more quality referrals. All of this means a slash in recruiting costs and related expenditures.

The power within a business culture can lead to many positive factors. The above are the main pillars. But, others will follow once the ideal culture gets cultivated.

Cultivation Tips

All companies differ to an extent, so not all paths towards creating a positive culture will look the same.  However, there are a few tips regarding culture that apply to most companies or firms. A fundamental one is that you never want to rock the boat. If your company or legal department already enjoys a great culture, don’t mess with it. If, for example, a potential candidate has great skills but shows signs of a negative attitude that could jeopardize your culture, move on to the next guy. 

Try to ensure your business is transparent. If employees think – even for a moment – that company policies or undertakings are somewhat obscure or apply differently to others, they will start to exhibit negative qualities that will undermine a positive work environment. Go to great lengths to make certain your office environment is a transparent one.

Finally, encourage open communication. A positive culture will enjoy an atmosphere where employees feel their ideas count. It will also lead to an environment where employees will feel free to communicate work problems or issues (before it becomes too late). Let your workers know that their words count and help facilitate ways to maximize open communication channels.

Excellent candidates always help a law firm or corporate legal department achieve success. However, the culture of the firm or corporation also has a powerful role in shaping a more enjoyable and productive operation.

When faced with your next staffing need, know that LAW DAWGS understands the importance of a company’s culture. Prior to interviewing or searching for candidates, we take the time to know your work culture and the candidates that will enhance it – not endanger it. Please click here to learn more of our highly-regarded candidate selection process.  

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