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Positive Attitude Positively Necessary in a Job Interview

Posted on January 18, 2018 by Law Dawgs | Interviews
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I think we can all admit that, at some point in our job search, we’ve brought a bad mood into a job interview. Maybe we were frustrated with the state of our career. Perhaps we didn’t feel the position we were interviewing for was “the perfect” opportunity. No matter the reasoning, all of us are probably guilty of dragging a bad mood into a hiring manager’s office.

Now, it’s 2018 and we officially all resolve to never share in this guilt again! The reality is that a positive attitude is a requisite to interview success. If you want to lad a job, you must, must, must exude a positive demeanor.

Why Enthusiasm is so Important

No employers want negative employees. Negativity potentially leads to conflict with co-workers, superiors, and clients. Poor moods often fuel laziness and result in poor performances. Negative thinking is also a crushing force to the development of a team mentality.

In short, enthusiasm is so important because employers want to hire people that are cheerful and optimistic. They value the “never say die” type of thinking. Bright outlooks create a positive work environment that helps generate efficiency, hard-work, and positive results. It’s vital to appear positive in an interview because that’s what makes a firm or corporate legal department great.

How to Ensure We Remain Positive

Let’s face it, we all have bad days. We all experience struggles now and then that bring our moods down. So, if being positive is so important in an interview, then what do we do when we’re suffering from a bout of pessimism?

The following are five terrific tips to use when you’re not feeling 100% come interview day. While simple in design, they pack a powerful punch in defeating the woes and the blues. Use all five to guarantee your confidence and positivity are running on all cylinders.

  • Think positive. This might seem overly simplistic, but it works. Prior to interview time, take some time to get yourself mentally prepared. Think about some of your greatest professional achievements and recall some of the major hurdles that you overcame in your career. A quick act of positive thinking will help get your mind right and boost your confidence.

  • Look your best. There’s a saying out there that goes: “when you look good, you feel good.” While not scientifically proven yet, there’s still a great bit of credence within this expression. Thus, if you’re experiencing some mood issues before your interview, take some extra time to make sure you look more than the part.

  • Listen up. Focus and actively listen to you interviewer. This will help keep your mind off the negativity that’s clouding it. Make certain you look directly at the person you’re meeting with and ask questions if you don’t understand something.

  • Watch your posture. When moody or negative, we often slouch or twist our bodies. Therefore, even if you’re not mentally sharp on interview day, make sure your posture is still perfect. Stand and sit in a straight position and directly face your interviewer.

  • Smile. It’s well documented that the simple act of smiling can put us in a better mood. So, put a grin on your face before the interview and keep it on until you’re out the door.

No matter the position you’re interviewing for – be it an attorney, a paralegal, a legal administrator, or an office support personnel – a negative attitude will greatly defeat your chances of getting hired. Remember that no one likes a bad apple and positivity always prevails. Thus, practice the above tips and make certain you’re positive and well-grounded on interview day.

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