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After 25 Years, LAW DAWGS Continues to Raise the Bar in Legal and Corporate Staffing

Posted on March 15, 2016 by Law Dawgs | News and Events
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LAW DAWGS is the platinum standard in legal and corporate staffing. We have provided clients with world class, value added solutions for corporate and law firm talent acquisition for almost 30 years. This particular year though means something extra special.

The year 2016 means LAW DAWGS has called Seattle its headquarters for 25 years. To help celebrate this anniversary, we are excited to announce a new look…a new, advanced and sophisticated website that will allow us to serve our employers and candidates more efficiently and more effectively.

Out with the Old, In with the New

The new LAW DAWGS website provides:

  • Easy to navigate pages clearly informing on our staffing and recruitment services and processes
  • Valuable resources to assist both hiring managers and job seekers
  • An online job order where employers can easily submit staffing requests
  • An online resume submittal page where candidates can quickly connect with one of our dedicated recruitment specialists
  • Descriptions of available job opportunities that provide candidates with easy to apply instructions

The new LAW DAWGS look symbolizes our tireless commitment towards clients and candidates alike. We are always searching for new ways to perfect the quality of the superior services we provide. Our new website promises to deliver state-of-the-art resources and more advanced services. At its very core, the new website reminds us all that, after 25 years, LAW DAWGS  is still raising the bar in legal and corporate staffing.

Our Presence is Permanent

Twenty-five years ago, LAW DAWGS planted its Seattle roots.  We are pleased to announce that after two and a half decades those roots have established and continue to grow. We currently provide employment solutions to a vast array of companies and law firms, not only throughout the nation, but across the globe.

Clients have come to include Fortune 500 corporations and prestigious, well-established law firms. They also include small employers, midsize companies and dynamic start-ups. Legal and corporate staffing solutions are currently provided to, not only those businesses in the traditional legal community, but to a broad spectrum of organizations, including those in the high technology, financial, service and manufacturing industries.

After 25 years of operation in Seattle, LAW DAWGS continues to stand as a leader in legal and corporate staffing. Our presence in this great city is by no means temporary. We’ve become a permanent fixture and we remain dedicated to advancing our success. Our clients and candidates are equally important to us and we will continue to deliver superior results.    

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