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Deceptive Staffing Agency Websites - What Candidates Should Know

Posted on June 13, 2016 by Law Dawgs | News and Events
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KOMO News recently reported on an incident involving deceptive and suspicious activities involving a staffing agency. According to this report, a job candidate submitted his resume online via the agency’s website. The agency subsequently emailed the candidate and informed him that they had a position for him to fill.

While all sounds legitimate so far, things quickly grew odd. The email to the candidate asked for his personal information - namely, the candidate’s date of birth and social security number. Upon further research of the agency’s website, the candidate found a dozen sites almost identical in nature. The main differences solely came in the forms of agency names and logos.  In addition, photos of some agency executives were found to be taken from a makeup artist’s portfolio and a stock image website.  All of these are red flags that candidates should be wary of.  

Lessons to Learn

The KOMO News report is extremely insightful for today’s job hunter.  Unfortunately, no industry goes without scams and unethical practices. When it comes to the staffing industry, candidates have to be aware that some agencies pursue and maintain unsound undertakings.

For all candidates working with staffing agencies, please keep in mind the following:

  • Personal and private questions, if they do arise, should come way down the road in the hiring process – near the time an offer is discussed.
  • Keep the information you provide limited to actual job related matters – e.g., the position you seek, job requirements, your skills pertinent to a job, performance in past roles, etc.
  • Do your homework on the staffing agency you’re working with.  Review the agency’s website.  “Google” a few of the executives listed.  Ask colleagues about the reputation of the business.

Searching for a job is stressful enough.  Don’t let deceptive businesses add further angst to the process. Be smart, skeptical and do your homework when working with an agency you’re not fully knowledgeable on.

A Little Bit About LAW DAWGS

We’ve been in the legal and corporate staffing industry for almost 30 years. A company simply cannot enjoy such longevity if it’s not smart, good, and above all, ethical. LAW DAWGS takes great pride in assisting its employers fill positions and helping candidates further their professional goals and ambitions.

In nearly 30 years of operation, we have succeeded as a business while constantly adhering to strict ethical guidelines. Some of these are placed upon us by the nature of our work; however, countless others are self-imposed.

LAW DAWGS endorses and subscribes to the professional and ethical standards maintained by the American and Washington State Bar Associations. We also adopt and abide by the Code of Ethics published and maintained by the National Association of Temporary and Staffing Services. We insure all client confidences and avoid any potential conflicts of interest in our operation as a legal staffing and placement company.

In a nutshell, we’re a top-notch legal and corporate staffing agency that is not only good, but, we’re one you can trust!   

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