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The LAW DAWGS Gift Guide for Legal Professionals

Posted on December 09, 2016 by Law Dawgs | News and Events
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LAW DAWGS has been in the business of legal and corporate staffing for almost the past 30 years. While this means we’re excellent at what we do, it also means we have worked with a countless number of legal professionals over the years – from corporate and law firm attorneys to paralegals to legal assistant to office support staff. The bottom line…we know legal professionals well and we know what they like and don’t like.

Given this insightful knowledge, LAW DAWGS is excited to present its first ever Gift Guide for Legal Professionals. No matter if you’re after a holiday gift for a colleague, employer, superior, boss, friend, family member, or anywhere in between, we’ve got you covered. Our top five gift ideas for 2016 deliver on all fronts, so let’s get to them!


No, this doesn’t mean we suggest filing a complaint against your gift recipient. We’re talking about Lawsuit! Board Game created by Professional Games. This is a fun, educational and award winning game where players advance through law school, pass the bar exam and make their way into legal practice and the courtroom. The game is for players 8 and up so the gift is a gem for legal professionals with children.

Unplug Every Day

Today’s legal professionals are practically required to operate across a myriad of websites and various social media platforms. They’re plugged-in more today than at any other time in the past. Of course, they deserve a break from the madness and you deliver it with the inspiring journal…Unplug Every Day: 365 Ways to Log Off and Live Better.

The journal offers 365 ways for legal professionals to take small breaks from technology and appreciate their surroundings. The journal is designed to foster success and build motivation and self-esteem. Give a gift of power this holiday season – the power of unplugging!

Wine of the Month Club

This one comes with a simple sales pitch: two free bottles of wine per month. Wineofthe is the oldest mail order wine club in America. Members in the club receive two bottles of wine every month for 4, 6 or 12 months. Different series of clubs are offered to ensure you get the right wine for your recipient’s palate. While this may seem on the pricey side, it’s actually not. You can enroll a member in the club for just under $24/month.

Bomber Jacket International Pocket Briefcase

This item is excellent for the legal professional that is always on the move. It includes slots for business cards, credit cards, cash and even houses a pen and small writing pad. It’s small enough to fit in a professional’s back pocket and provides the perfect note taking device for lunches, meetings and presentations.

Make a Donation

There is no better gift at capturing the holiday spirit than an altruistic one. Perhaps the best type of altruistic gift is making a donation on another’s behalf. It’s pretty darn easy as well. Simply find, or recall, what tugs at your recipient’s heart – be it a specific cause, an organization, an animal, etc. Perform some simple research online and donate on that person’s behalf.

Don’t be that person at an office gift exchange with a Scales of Justice drink coaster. Simply follow our tips above and get that holiday gift that a legal professional will remember…in a good way. After all, we know a little bit about the legal industry – including what legal professionals want to find under the tree.

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