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4 Ways to a Better LinkedIn Profile

Posted on August 09, 2017 by Law Dawgs | Candidate Services
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LinkedIn has over 500 million users. It stands as the world’s largest professional network and gains two new members every second. With numbers like these, every job hunter and legal professional should have a LinkedIn profile to boost their careers and unlock new doors.

A secret though is to not just have any profile. You’ll want one that stands out above the rest. Utilize the following four tips and get a LinkedIn profile that gets noticed and demands respect.

1. Include a Headline with Substance

The LinkedIn headline is located right next to your name and picture. Ever user will see this. This holds true no matter if a user is connected to you or not.

As the most viewed item within your profile, you’ll want a strong headline that communicates a message. Now, most users simply include a job title in their headline (e.g., “attorney” or “paralegal”). This, however, does very little to encourage a user to view your entire profile.

A headline with substance will help your profile gain traction. Note that all users can use 120 characters within their headline. Use them all to create a headline chopped full of keywords and professional specifics. Describe what you do, where you’re employed and where you’re located.  For example, rather than “lawyer,” try: Successful criminal defense attorney with Smith & Jones’ Seattle office. 

2. Focus Your Summary

Your Summary is the paragraph of content found immediately under your name and headline. In short, you want a focused Summary that sells yourself. Every Summary has 2,000 available characters to use. While this is not a ton of room, it is a good deal…if, your content is clear and concise.

Don’t try to regurgitate your resume within the Summary. Rather, use keywords that speak directly to your target audience. In addition, be certain to include links within your Summary (i.e., links to your website or blog).  A main goal is to peak a viewer’s interest and then afford him the opportunity to learn more about you. 

3. Post a Picture

All LinkedIn members should include a picture of themselves when creating a profile. It’s a fact that LinkedIn profiles with professional headshots get 14 times more profile views. Potential employers and colleagues all prefer to see who they might be hiring or working with. Ensure that the picture you use is 100% professional and current.

4. Update, Update, Update...

As with your picture, keep your entire LinkedIn profile current. Take the time to constantly update it. For example, if you’ve acquired a new skill, mention this. If you got a new job, or even a new position with the same employer, communicate this in your profile. Users do want to learn about what you have accomplished in your past; but more importantly, they want to know what you’re doing right now and what skills you currently have.

There’s no denying it. LinkedIn is an awesome networking site that can generate jobs, leads, and stronger brands. Don’t go through the motions though when using it. A sloppy profile, or one that required little thought, can lead to pitfalls rather than positives. Take the time to create a LinkedIn profile that’s as professional as you and your goals. If you run into snags, simply contact us and let us help!

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