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Post Legal Job Search - What to do Once Hired

Posted on October 05, 2017 by Law Dawgs | Candidate Services
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Landing a legal job may seem like a journey. This holds true for all types of legal professionals. Many candidates spend months, if not years, perfecting resumes, studying interview questions, surfing job posts, etc.

It can indeed grow exhausting and once the dust settles with the words, “you’re hired,” the whole lot of us may ask, “ok, now what?” It’s an honest question and a frightening one. We understand that it’s critical to start a new legal opportunity on the right track. To aid in your initial efforts, consider the following tips to ensure you begin your new job professionally and successfully.

Work Your Tail Off

Getting hired doesn’t mean it’s time to rest. Odds are you got your gig because of hard work and genuine effort. You need to continue with both. Your employer did not hire you because the firm wanted to provide you with a vacation. It expects quality performance and results. Don’t let the company down.

Be Logical and Use Common Sense

This also equates to use good judgment. Don’t get sloppy when starting a new job. Make sure you get to work on time. Limit your use of social media to your lunch time. Wear appropriate work attire. Don’t act like you’ve worked at the firm for years. Even though you were given a job, you still have to act like you belong with the employer and you still must prove yourself.

Show Patience

Let’s be honest. Everything about your new opportunity may not be perfect. You may face early challenges that seem insurmountable. You may discover that the learning curve associated with your job is more difficult than expected. Maybe the hours are not the best. No matter the source of the flaw, give your new opportunity a chance. Be patient with it. Time often heals initial dissatisfaction.

Be Resourceful

Everything new typically generates questions. This is true no matter if you’re driving a new car, using a new putter, trying a new recipe, and yes, working with a new employer. While you’ll likely have many questions when starting your new job, be resourceful and try to find answers on your own. If you can’t, consult with colleagues, mentors and friends that may have experienced similar issues. If you feel the need to ask a supervisor, try to bundle your questions rather than raise your hand at every confused moment.

Don’t be a Hermit

Some of us tend to isolate ourselves when starting out at a new company. Maybe we’re shy, feel nervous, or are just afraid of the new setting.  No matter the reason though, don’t act like a turtle and hide in your shell.

You probably took your new job to advance your career. Do it then. This means meeting new people and peers, building your network and generating new leads.

Manage Your Expectations

We all want to be great at what we do. We want to be the smartest employee and the worker that out performs all others. Know, however, that this takes time – especially when starting out at a new work setting. You should always create goals as an employer, but make sure yours are realistic.

Getting hired is definitely a reason to celebrate. When the party is over, though, many of us may getting a little confused as to what to do next. Don’t fret. Get to work and enjoy your new opportunity. If you get distracted along the way, just re-visit the above and you’ll be pack on pace in no time. 

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