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Post Resume Submission Secrets - The Art of Following Up

Posted on September 21, 2016 by Law Dawgs | Resumes
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Many of us are all too familiar with this scenario. We’ve perfected our resume and application materials. We’ve submitted the same to a hiring manager or online portal. Days go by, maybe weeks, but no response.

Anxiety leaves us pondering whether we should follow up our resume submission with an email or phone call. If so, how many times should we attempt to contact an employer? Is this contact really meaningful or just annoyance? The stress continues.

LAW DAWGS is always here to help rid the worry surrounding a candidate’s employment search. We understand that following up with an employer is a difficult act. But, it remains an important one and there is a true method within the madness that can easily help land your next job. 

Why is Following Up Important?

The reality is that following up with a firm or company is an essential element in a candidate’s job search. The reasoning is that following up:

  • Displays your level of commitment to a given position;
  • Indicates that you understand the importance of following through with a task; and,
  • Brings your name (and resume) to the attention of a hiring manager.

Okay, I Should Follow Up – But When?

The answer depends on whether or not a closing date was included within the initial employment ad you responded to. If a closing date was included, candidates should never follow up prior to the deadline. In general, one week worth of time following the closing date is a good rule of thumb for when to start following up.  One week typically provides an employer with ample time to begin its review process and not enough time has passed where an employer would already begin reaching out for interviews. 

If a closing date was not included within a job posting, then most experts on the matter agree that one week following resume submission is the proper time to begin contacting an employer. Again, one week is a reasonable time to provide a company with initiating its review process. Further, after a week passes, it’s highly unlikely that a firm will have begun contacting candidates.

What Should I Ask when Following Up?

After resume submission, and within the timeframe noted above, candidates may contact an employer via email or a phone call. Regardless of which method you choose, there are three good questions to ask. These include:

  • Have any hiring decisions been made with regards to the given position?
  • What’s the timeline for when such decisions will be made?
  • May I contact you in another week or so to inquire further?

In addition, when following up, it’s important to do so in a casual tone. The exact tone will most often vary a bit given the particular employer, but a light and friendly tone is the preferred method. Avoid giving a demanding or negative appearance.

Finally, Never…

There are two things to always avoid when following up. The first is to constantly contact the employer. Not only will this annoy, but firms and companies do need time to review applications.

Second, there are times when an employment ad will tell candidates not to inquire about the position post resume submission. This might seem a little harsh, but it has to be respected. Contacting an employer when specifically asked not too may easily annoy and it tells a firm you can’t follow directions.

Following up is a critical component within any job search. It’s a definite art, but any candidate can easily master it. Simply engage in the above steps and follow up with an employer with confidence and optimism.  

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