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Candidate Resources

Resources for Job Seekers

Whether you are changing careers or looking to expand your knowledge base, below are resources to support your legal job search.

Job Market News and Advice

Career Strategies (Wall St. Journal)
Some of the most insightful writing about employment and workplace issues can be found in this special section of The Wall St. Journal.

Boston Globe Employment News
This section of the Boston Globe is dedicated to providing readers with the latest job news, as well as expert advice on everything from workplace etiquette to the best job-search techniques.

Career Advice (New York Times)
Within this section of the New York Times, editors have gathered a wealth of articles about employment and workplace issues. One feature that deserves special mention is the column “A Day in the Life,” which tracks (as the Times puts it) “what various professionals do after they wake up, fall out of bed and drag a comb across their heads.”

Wet Feet
Founded in 1994 by two Standford MBA students, Wet Feet has grown into a valuable online resource for well-written, informative articles about everything from common resume mistakes to interviewing tips, plus much more.

Legal Career Resources

Law Dawgs Legal Resume Tips

Online Learning and professional development
Founded 60 years ago as a joint undertaking of The American Law Institute and the American Bar Association, ALI-ABA provides legal professionals with easy access to continuing development programs. It is the recognized leader in continuing education for the legal profession. Legal Employment Center
The Employment Center on the Web site offers legal employers and job-seekers one of the most comprehensive collections of employment-related articles available on the Internet.

Lawyer Express
This Web site claims to be “the ultimate legal research and news portal for attorneys,” offering legal professionals quick and easy access to a compelling collection of law blogs, legal research, legal news and much more.

Wall St. Journal Law Blog
The Wall Street Journal's Law Blog offers some of the field’s smartest and most insightful reporting on all matters legal – including the business of law.

Legal Affairs
This site offers access to back issues of Legal Affairs – the highly regarded but now defunct general-interest law magazine. From March 2002 until March 2006, Legal Affairs was published six times a year, in print and on this Web site, with the goal of stirring a challenging, vibrant conversation. The Chicago Tribune named it one of the 50 best magazines in the country.

ABA Journal
The ABA Journal claims to be “the nation’s most-read, and most-respected, legal affairs magazine.” Through this Web site for the magazine, readers can access breaking legal news, analysis from more than 2,000 legal blogs, as well as original stories that go well beyond the headlines.

Legal Assistant Today
As the only independent magazine serving the paralegal community, LAT ’s mission is to provide its readers with intelligent, thought-provoking and practical information they can use to develop their skills and advance their careers.

American Bar Association
The American Bar Association is not only the leading association for the legal community, it is also the largest voluntary professional association in the world. With more than 400,000 members, the ABA provides law school accreditation, continuing legal education, information about the law, programs to assist lawyers and judges in their work, and initiatives to improve the legal system for the public.

National Association of Legal Assistants
With more than 18,000 members and 90 state and local affiliated associations, the National Association of Legal Assistants is the leading professional association for legal assistants and paralegals, providing continuing education and professional development programs since 1975.

Career-advice Columns

Wall St. Journal Career Columns
Well-written and always insightful, these four employment-advice columns from the Wall St. Journal offer valuable learnings for employers and employees alike: “Managing Your Career” by Joann S. Lublin, “90 Days” by Diana Middleton, “Work & Family” by Sue Shellenbarger, and “Careers” by the Wall St. Journal’s staff writers. Fully-accessible to non-subscribers. All four columns can be accessed via this one link.

How to Deal (The New York Times)
Every week, Lily Garcia (a human resources professional and employment lawyer) answers reader’s questions about workplace issues in this popular New York Times career-advice column. In addition to writing the column, Lily also works as a business consultant, providing employment law and human resources advice to companies of all sizes.

Interpersonal Edge (Seattle Times)
In this long-running career-advice column, Daneen Skube, Ph.D., advises her readers how to get along with co-workers and bosses. Dr. Skube has been writing the popular column since 1994 and has worked in the field of business consulting and counseling for more than 30 years. Her column is one of the few that focuses on the interpersonal issues that can be so vexing in today’s workplace. In addition to writing the column, Dr. Skube also works as an executive coach, trainer, therapist and speaker. She also regularly appears on television and radio as a subject expert in the area of workplace communication.

Your Career (MSNBC)
For nearly 20 years, Eve Tahmincioglu has written about workplace issues for a host of daily newspapers. As the author of this weekly MSNBC career-advice column, she “aims to tell daily grinders how to make work life work for them by sleuthing out career-ladder secrets rung by rung.” She’s also a regular contributor to The New York Times and Business Week.

Ask Annie (Fortune Magazine)
In this popular column, Fortune magazine business reporter and career columnist Anne Fisher answers reader’s questions about employment and workplace issues. In addition to writing the column, Anne also covers workplace and management topics for the magazine. She is the author of two business books and has written for Savvy, The New York Times, and Inc.

On the Job (Washington Post)
Kenneth Bredemeier is a recognized workplace expert and a former Washington Post writer. As the current author of this weekly Washington Post career-advice column, Kenneth answers reader’s questions about office relationships, corporate policies and workplace law.

Marci Alboher, the author of this career-advice blog, is a freelance writer, journalist and speaker – and a former corporate lawyer. For seven years she wrote the Shifting Careers column for The New York Times. Marci’s writing has also appeared in Travel and Leisure, The Chronicle of Philanthropy, Time Out New York, Legal Affairs, Marie Claire, and scores of other publications. Her career insights have been featured in numerous media outlets, including: The Today Show, CNBC, MSNBC, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, The Boston Globe, NPR, The Philadelphia Inquirer and The Kansas City Star. She is also the author of the book, “One Person/Multiple Careers: A New Model for Work/Life Success.”

Alison Doyle
Alison Doyle is a career-advice blogger and an expert in online job searching and job-search technology. She has reported on job-searching issues and technologies for since 1998. Alison’s job-search advice has been quoted in the NY Daily News,,,, Employment Digest, Computer World,,,,, Consumer Reports, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, and the nationally syndicated Careers Now column. She has also been featured on the radio shows Career Success, Women Aloud, Something You Should Know, and The Job Search Solution, as well as many local radio stations.

Company Research

This online subsidiary of Dunn & Bradstreet offers insightful overviews and detailed analyses for more than 25 million corporations and organizations, as well as research reports for entire industries. Much of the content is free, with more detailed analyst reports available for a fee.

The Book of Lists
This publisher of local business journals also sells a valuable researching resource for job-hunters: a “Book of Lists” profiling the leading employers in more than 60 dynamic business markets located throughout the U.S. (each book covers a specific geographic region and is sold separately). Each of these guides ranks hundreds of the region’s hottest companies, by their respective field or specialty. Also included are the names of key decision makers, their titles and complete contact information.

Glass Door
Established in 2007 by the always-innovative Rich Barton (the same person who founded the Expedia travel Web site and Zillow, the real estate research site), Glass Door takes an all-new approach to the issue of researching potential employers. In return for users posting an anonymous review of their company – or their personal salary information – they get access to the company reviews posted by all the other users of the site.

Based in Austria, Kelzen is an international version of Glass Door: an anonymous platform featuring brutally honest reviews of a company (provided anonymously by current employees).

Annual Report Service
Annual reports for public companies are usually available directly from the organization’s Web site. Failing that, job-seekers can always turn to this site, which offers easy access to thousands of online annual reports and 10-K presentations. NOTE: Your name and address may be forwarded to the companies you inquire about.

Yahoo Finance
Created as a resource for stock investors, this site provides a service to job-seekers that’s just as useful: access to a complete collection of news articles about the company, its people and performance.

Best Places to Work
Every year, the Great Place to Work Institute produces several “Best Companies” lists, including Fortune magazine's "100 Best Companies to Work For." That research can also be accessed directly through this site.

100 Best Companies for Working Moms
Every year, Working Mother magazine produces a list of the 100 best companies for working women with children.

Best Companies for Gay and Lesbian Workers
Every year, the Human Rights Campaign produces a list of the best places to work for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender employees.

Fortune 500
The best-known ranking of America's largest corporations. Includes detailed company profiles and corporate contact information.

Fortune Global 500
The best-known ranking of the world’s largest corporations. Includes detailed company profiles and corporate contact information.

Forbes Best
Forbes magazine produces a comprehensive collection of lists ranking the “best” companies in a variety of different categories. Those include: the 200 Best Small Companies, the 400 Best Big Companies, America's Largest Private Companies, Asia's Best Under A Billion, Asia's Fab 50 Companies, Global High Performers, The Forbes 2000, Top Microfinance Institutions. All of these are accessible through this link.

Moving to a New City

Sperling’s Best Places
The most comprehensive – and easiest to use – source of online information about any American city. Includes well-organized details regarding crime, climate, cost-of-living, transportation, schools, property values, the median age of residents and much more.

City Profile Report
This site enables users to analyze the key attributes of two American cities then view the findings in a side-by-side comparison report.

Cost-of-living Calculator
Anyone considering a move to another city can use this tool to quickly calculate the difference in cost-of-living expenses – everything from the cost of housing to utilities, groceries to healthcare.

Occupational Outlook (by state)
Every state in the U.S. tracks and analyzes the details regarding employment in its cities. This site – from the U.S. Department of Labor – provides easy access to those state resources.

Salary Information

Simple Salary Calculator
Select a job title, enter a zip code and click “Search.” It’s as easy as that for anyone curious about how much they might be able to earn in more than 300 different cities.

Money Magazine Salary Adjustment Calculator
An interesting twist on the typical salary calculator. Using data provided by researchers at C2ER, this calculator compares key expenses between dozens of major cities and provides users with a comparable salary, as well as estimates about how much more/less they’ll have to pay for groceries, healthcare, utilities and other cost-of-living expenses.

Glass Door
Established in 2007 by the always-innovative Rich Barton (the same person who founded the Expedia travel Web site and Zillow, the real estate research site), Glass Door takes an all-new approach to the issue of salary research. In return for users anonymously posting their personal salary information – or a review of their company – they get access to the salary information posted by all the other users of the site.

While awkward to use and amateurish in design, this site is routinely recognized for having one of the best collections of salary surveys anywhere.

A well-organized Web site that offers users a comprehensive collection of salary information and salary-computing tools. In addition to the usual salary and cost-of-living calculators, PayScale also offers salary blogs, salary negotiation tips and the company’s bread-and-butter service: comprehensive salary reports.

Federal Wage Data (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics)
The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics gathers salary data from employers all across the country then publishes its findings on this site for all to see.

Facts and Figures

Bureau of Labor Statistics
Job-seekers wanting unbiased information about pay and benefits, employment projections and other related information can turn to the Bureau of Labor Statistics – the principal fact-finding agency for the Federal Government regarding labor economics and employment statistics.

Ref Desk
This resource of resources has been a trustworthy source of facts and figures since 1995.

CEO Express
This site – which calls itself a gateway to the Internet – was developed in 1999 to help busy executives quickly locate the best online information resources. While that remains its focus today, job-seekers and hiring managers will find it extremely useful, as well. Sister sites include: WiredCEO, JournalistExpress, MDExpress, LawyerExpress and logisticsExpress.

Networking Resources

15-second Pitch
This New York-based career coach specializes in the art of the “15-second elevator pitch” (quickly and effectively introducing yourself to a perfect stranger in a business setting). Job-seekers living in the New York area may want to attend one of her inexpensive workshops. But everyone should spend a few minutes with the site’s free “Pitch Wizard.” Also, don’t miss the “Press” section of the site, which acts as a portal to news stories about the art of pitching.

Networking Web Sites
There are countless career networking sites on the Internet today, with more being added all the time. This list from Wikipedia does the best job of compiling those that are the most-used.

Weddle’s Association Directory
Local association chapters are great resources for networking, and many also operate job boards, resume banks and other helpful employment services. This site profiles more than 1,500 such associations and societies.

Zoom Info
Want to network with old friends and co-workers? This site will help you locate those people.

College and University Directories
Want to network with old college friends? Tap into the alumni association of your alma mater using these college and university directories from Google.

Self-assessment and Personal Improvement

Strength Assessment with Marcus Buckingham
Marcus Buckingham’s books and workshops show people how they can determine which are their strongest skills, then best apply those skills to their work and personal life (or find another job that’s a better fit). Since creating the StrengthsFinder test in 2001, more than one million people have used it to discover their strengths and begin leveraging those skills in their everyday lives. Marcus is the author of three books on the subject, and he teaches related workshops worldwide. Articles about Marcus and his training program have been featured in The New York Times, Fortune, Fast Company, Harvard Business Review and USA Today, and he is routinely lauded by such corporations as Toyota, Coca-Cola, Master Foods, Wells Fargo and Disney as an invaluable resource in informing, challenging, mentoring and inspiring people to find their strengths and obtain and sustain personal success. Much of this site is devoted to his expensive training workshops, but it also offers links to purchase his books.

What Color is Your Parachute?
Of all the guides written to help people choose a new career (and land a job within it), there’s only one that can be called a classic, and that’s Dick Bolles’s tome “What Color is Your Parachute?” According to Bolles, his book is the best selling job-hunting and career-changing guide in the world; twenty thousand people buy the book each month; there are more than eight million copies of it in print; and in its lifetime, the book has been on the New York Times Best-Seller List (paperback) a total of 288 weeks. Now, Bolles has created this supplementary Web site.

Online Personality Tests
Personality tests like those featured on this site can benefit a job-search candidate in two very important ways. After taking a personality test, most candidates will find those traditional interview questions much easier to answer. And secondly, candidates who have taken the time to assess their likes and dislikes are usually much better at choosing job opportunities with the highest likelihood of success. That said, experts believe most online personality tests – especially those that are free – are a weak substitute for a professionally administered version (like the Myers-Briggs).

Online Career Assessment Tests
For those who want to make a career change, but aren’t sure what it should be, this site offers information regarding a number of helpful career-assessment tests. Most experts agree that the best approach is to take more than one of these assessments, then compare the results. Also, experts recommend these tests be used as a supplement to a career counselor's help – but not as a substitute for it.

The Campbell Interest and Skill Survey (CISS)
David Campbell, PhD, is an internationally recognized expert in the field of career exploration, and his Campbell Interest Skill Survey is widely used by career counselors, schools and state employment centers to help people find their calling. The test can also be taken on this site for a nominal fee. NOTE: Most experts agree that the best approach is to take more than one career assessment, then compare the results. Also, these tests should be used as a supplement to a career counselor's help – not as a substitute for it.

Inspiration for Job-seekers

Ode Magazine
The magazine for “intelligent optimists.” Ode is a print and online publication featuring positive news about the people and ideas that are changing our world for the better. Established in 1995, Ode profiled people like clown-doctor Patch Adams, guru Deepak Chopra and Dr. Andrew Weil long before more conventional publications made them household names.

Wonderful World (MSNBC)
A collection of positive news stories from around the world – brought to you by one of the most respected and honored online news organizations.

Good News Network
Offering global success stories from the worlds of business, government, science, and society, the Good News Network has been a gathering place for positive news stories since 1997.

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