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LAW DAWGS, INC. (LDI) has recently merged/transitioned to a National Legal and Executive Search Platform!

LDI now provides exclusive retained engagements for Partners, In-House Counsel, and C-Suite Professionals for AM Law 500 law firms and Fortune 500 companies.

Our new website is currently under construction.........accepting CVs and inquiries, in confidence, at or call 206-224-8269.

Legal and Corporate Staffing Specialists

Candidate FAQs

Candidate FAQs


Frequently Asked Questions for Job Seekers

Do you have much staffing experience within the legal and business communities?

Yes. Law Dawgs has nearly three decades of legal and corporate placement experience. We are a leading full-service legal and corporate staffing company that has successfully matched qualified candidates with rewarding employment opportunities for almost 30 years. That’s a track record of success few others can match – and one that prestigious clients have come to trust!

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Do I have any say over which jobs I'm assigned?

Yes, you would say "yes" or "no" to any opportunities offered to you.

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Will my work with your firm remain private and confidential?

Yes. Our commitment to strict confidentiality ensures all job-search activities remain private and protected. 

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Can I work part-time?

There are often part-time opportunities available for flexible candidates.

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What kinds of positions do you fill?

Options for employment include: ­

  • Temporary & Interim Positions
  • Document Review & E-Discovery Projects
  • Temporary-to-Hire Positions
  • Direct Hire Opportunities

Examples of specific positions filled include: ­

  • Office Support Staff
  • Clerical Assistance
  • Legal Support Staff
  • Legal Assistants
  • Legal Administrators
  • Paralegals
  • Contract Administrators and Managers
  • Litigation/Trial Preparation Teams
  • Contract Attorneys – E-Discovery and Document Review
  • Accounting Staff 
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What kind of work experience do I need?

This depends on the specific position you are interested in. Candidates with relevant educational and work experience would obviously be most in-demand. However, we also receive regular requests for candidates with a wide variety of skills and experience levels. Your best bet is to submit your resume via our website and become registered with us. You can then discuss your work experience and employment objectives with a Law Dawgs staffing specialist.

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How fast can you find a suitable job for me?

Once you complete the Law Dawgs screening process, our staffing team assesses your current marketability and aims to present you as a viable prospect for any relevant open positions, as well as any upcoming opportunities.

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What's the average length of a temporary assignment?

No two staffing situations are the same. Some last a few days, others go for many months.

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What kinds of firms and companies are your clients?

Law Dawgs is a full-service legal and corporate staffing and placement company with a global reach. We provide our legal and corporate staffing services to law firms, corporations and corporate legal departments of all types and sizes – both nationally and internationally.

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What's the process for finding work through your company?

 Law Dawgs uses a comprehensive, proprietary hiring process that emphasizes collaboration, confidentiality, clear communication and complete satisfaction. For an outline of our process, please visit Candidates Overview.

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Will I have to pay any fees for your services?

No. All staffing and placement fees are paid by the employer. 

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If an employer wants to hire me for a permanent position, will I have to pay you any fees?

No. Fees for Law Dawgs services are paid by the client companies.

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I've been working with one of the national staffing companies; will I notice a difference if I switch to your company?

Of course. Law Dawgs is a leading provider of legal and corporate staffing services that emphasizes quality of service. To us, service is more than a motto, it's our mission, and we provide a very personal brand of staffing and placement – a proprietary and hands-on approach that the national providers cannot match. ­

  • Our staffing and placement specialists are employed on a salaried basis – which means they're motivated not by commissions, quotas or artificial deadlines, but rather the pride and professional fulfillment that results when the right candidate is matched to the right position – to the satisfaction of both parties. ­
  • Our multi-step screening process provides candidates with the opportunity to present their qualifications, explain their strengths and explain their employment needs/requirements. ­
  • Our complimentary resume review service provides candidates with constructive feedback and detailed suggestions for improvement. ­
  • Our collaborative atmosphere encourages teamwork, clear communication and regular updates. ­
  • Our commitment to strict confidentiality ensures all job-search activities remain private and protected. ­
  • Our routine of regularly following-up throughout the length of every placement allows adjustments to be made quickly when necessary. ­
  • Our online resources allow candidates to stay abreast of the latest industry news, hone their skills and search for new employment opportunities anytime it's convenient for them.
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You use the terms "placement" and "staffing." Is there a difference between these services?

Within the industry, there can be different interpretations for these terms, which can cause confusion. At Law Dawgs, we generally use the term "staffing" to refer to temporary positions and the term "placement" to refer to direct-hire positions with client companies. The terms may be used interchangeably as Law Dawgs offers the full range of staffing services: staffing for temporary or interim assignments, project staffing, as well as temporary-to-hire placements and direct-hire placements.

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What kind of experience do your staffing consultants have?

Law Dawgs placement specialists are some of the most skilled and experienced in the industry. All our recruiters have professional law office experience with backgrounds in law, human resources and business. These specialists understand the real-world requirements of the legal and corporate positions they're called upon to fill. That knowledge, combined with years of hands-on staffing and placement experience, enables our placement team to quickly evaluate the skills each candidate possesses and place them in positions with the highest likelihood of success.

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Do you offer skills training to your temporary candidates?

We do not provide training but we have a significant range of professional training options that we can recommend for those that want to develop their skills.

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Can someone review my resume and provide me with some suggestions for improvement?

Yes. Law Dawgs candidates are offered complimentary resume review services and interview preparation assistance.

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Where can I find additional career-search resources?

You'll find an extensive collection of career-search resources in the Law Dawgs Resources area of this Web site. 

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Can I work overtime?

Hours of work, including overtime, are determined solely by the employer and dependent on the nature of the assignment.

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What if I'm not happy in the position to which I'm assigned?

At Law Dawgs, our efforts don't end once a placement is made. Our routine of regularly following up throughout the length of every temporary assignment ensures that any job adjustments can be accommodated as soon as necessary.

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How will I be paid?

Candidates are paid weekly, based on their timely submission of a weekly timesheet, signed by the employer, detailing the hours they worked.

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What's the chance this work will lead to a full-time, permanent position for me?

Many employers and candidates like the opportunity that temporary assignments afford to get to know one another better before deciding to join forces on a permanent basis or not. If your goal is to find a permanent position, be sure to address that with the Law Dawgs staffing specialist during your initial interview. Positions often are offered as temp-to-hire opportunities, so the candidate knows from the outset that a conversion to a permanent position is an option.

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What's the best way to contact a Law Dawgs Staffing Consultant and get the process moving?

To establish a meaningful connection with the nearest Law Dawgs office, Contact Us. 

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