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LDI now provides exclusive retained engagements for Partners, In-House Counsel, and C-Suite Professionals for AM Law 500 law firms and Fortune 500 companies.

Our new website is currently under construction.........accepting CVs and inquiries, in confidence, at or call 206-224-8269.

Legal and Corporate Staffing Specialists

Employer FAQs

Employer FAQs


Frequently Asked Questions for Employers

Do you have much staffing experience within the legal and business communities?

Yes. Law Dawgs has nearly three decades of staffing and placement experience. We stand as a leader in legal and corporate staffing, both throughout the country and across the globe. Given a near 30 year track record of success, Law Dawgs is uniquely positioned to provide workforce staffing solutions that are smart, economical and reliable. 

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Do you primarily work with law firms or corporations?

We work with both. Law Dawgs is a full-service specialist legal and corporate staffing and placement company with a global reach. To date, we've provided our legal and corporate staffing services to law firms, corporations and corporate legal departments of all types and sizes – both nationally and internationally.

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I've been using one of the national staffing companies; will I notice a difference if I switch to your company?

Of course. Law Dawgs is a leading provider of legal and corporate staffing and placement services with an emphasis on quality of service. To us, service is more than a motto, it's our mission, and we practice a very personal brand of staffing and placement.

  • Our staffing and placement specialists are employed on a salaried basis – which means they are motivated not by commissions, quotas or artificial deadlines, but rather the pride and professional fulfillment that results when the right candidate is matched to the right position.
  • Prior to recruitment and placement, our specialists carefully evaluate each client’s personal needs and company culture.
  • Our thorough matching process ensures that any Law Dawgs candidate(s) will not only have the talent, skill and experience required for the position, but will also possess a work ethic and personality that uniquely compliments the client's culture.
  • Once a placement is made, our routine of regularly following up throughout the length of every assignment ensures each candidate's performance is always meeting or exceeding the client's standards.
  • We value quality assurance, client confidentiality, integrity, cost-efficiency, professionalism and specialization.
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You use the terms "placement" and "staffing." Is there a difference between these services?

Within the industry, there can be different interpretations for these terms, which can cause confusion. At Law Dawgs, we generally use the term "staffing" to refer to temporary positions and the term "placement" to refer to direct-hire positions. The terms may be used interchangeably as Law Dawgs offers the full range of staffing services: staffing for temporary or interim assignments, project staffing, as well as temporary-to-hire placements and direct-hire placements.

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Can I post a job opening on your website?

We post open positions on our Web site on behalf of clients who have engaged our services. Once this is done, we will craft an appropriate job description that specifically meets the employer’s objectives and we will post this opening on our site. 

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Can the temporary employee work overtime if necessary?

Hours of work, including overtime are determined solely by the client company.

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Do clients offer part-time temporary positions?

Yes, the nature of any position sought is determined by the employer. 

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What kind of experience do your staffing specialists have?

Our placement specialists are some of the most skilled and experienced in the industry. All our recruiters have professional law office experience coupled with backgrounds in law, human resources and business. These specialists understand the real-world requirements of the legal and corporate positions they're called upon to fill. That knowledge, combined with years of hands-on legal and corporate staffing experience, enables our placement team to quickly evaluate the skills each candidate possesses and place them in positions with the highest likelihood of success.

Our specialists have also taken the time and labor to develop an extensive network of contacts within the legal and business communities. Leveraging those relationships allows them immediate access to the highest quality temporary and direct-hire talent.

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What kinds of positions do you fill?

Our service offerings include a diverse and deep set of qualified personnel, including:

  • Temporary & Interim Staffing
  • Litigation/Trial Preparation Staffing
  • Temporary-to-Hire Placements
  • Direct Hire Placements­

Categories of staff include: ­

  • Office Support Staff
  • Clerical Assistance
  • Legal Support Staff
  • Legal Assistants
  • Legal Administrators
  • Paralegals
  • Contract Administrators and Managers
  • Litigation/Trial Preparation Teams
  • Contract Attorneys – E-Discovery and Document Review
  • Accounting Staff
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Do your staffing specialists work on commission?

No. Our staffing specialists are employed on a salaried basis. Our consultants are motivated not by commissions, quotas or artificial deadlines, but rather the pride and professional fulfillment that results when the right candidate is matched to the right position – to the satisfaction of both parties.

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Can you provide my firm/company with an employee today?

We have a very responsive service and a fast speed-to-close rate. We can provide same-day service, subject to the timely receipt of the required job description and other background materials.

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How can I be sure I'll get a motivated, well-qualified worker?

We take great pride in our ability to consistently search out exceptional candidates on behalf of our clients. Our professional placement team is committed to providing every client with the highest caliber of temporary or direct-hire staff available.

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What's your screening process?

All Law Dawgs staffing candidates are interviewed in-person, their resumes are thoroughly vetted, their references are consulted, their software skills and writing abilities are tested, and each candidate is evaluated on a case-by-case basis regarding any position-specific requirements. We also perform background checks on all potential candidates.

As an additional client protection, Law Dawgs obtains an "Exclusive Right-to-Represent" authorization from each candidate before submission to an employer. This eliminates potential "multiple submissions" from other agencies and avoids the dubious practice of other agencies submitting candidates' resumes without their knowledge or permission.

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Do you offer a satisfaction guarantee?

Yes. Law Dawgs offers an eight-hour no-charge replacement guarantee for all temporary assignments and a 90-day replacement guarantee for any direct-hire placements. 

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What will be my cost for your services?

Hourly rates for temporary staff are generally determined by the level of ability of the candidate in the prevailing marketplace. The hourly rate charged to the client includes all payroll processing, payroll taxes, etc. as a pass-through to the client, plus a company profit and overhead margin.

Fees for conversion (from temporary to direct-hire) are based on fee scales which are a percentage of the hired candidate's annual salary. Details may be specific to each client depending on circumstances.

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Do you charge different rates for different types of temporary employees?

Yes, each category of temporary staff has a separate rate determined by what the market rate is and what a particular candidate may require to be paid.

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Do you charge more for more experienced candidates?

Generally yes, as the rate is a function of the market desirability and skill level of the candidate.

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Will I be required to pay the temporary employee directly?

No. Law Dawgs handles all the payroll payment and processing requirements (and all the associated paperwork) on behalf of clients. Clients are invoiced weekly at an all-inclusive hourly rate.

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May an employer offer a temporary candidate a full-time position?

Yes. Should a client wish to offer direct employment to any Law Dawgs;temporary worker, the client should make inquiry through us and we will initiate discussions with the temporary worker on behalf of the employer. 

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What's the best way to contact a Law Dawgs Staffing Consultant and get the process moving?

To establish a meaningful connection with the nearest Law Dawgs office, Contact Us

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