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LAW DAWGS, INC. (LDI) has recently merged/transitioned to a National Legal and Executive Search Platform!

LDI now provides exclusive retained engagements for Partners, In-House Counsel, and C-Suite Professionals for AM Law 500 law firms and Fortune 500 companies.

Our new website is currently under construction.........accepting CVs and inquiries, in confidence, at or call 206-224-8269.

Legal and Corporate Staffing Specialists

What's your screening process?


What's your screening process?

All Law Dawgs staffing candidates are interviewed in-person, their resumes are thoroughly vetted, their references are consulted, their software skills and writing abilities are tested, and each candidate is evaluated on a case-by-case basis regarding any position-specific requirements. We also perform background checks on all potential candidates.

As an additional client protection, Law Dawgs obtains an "Exclusive Right-to-Represent" authorization from each candidate before submission to an employer. This eliminates potential "multiple submissions" from other agencies and avoids the dubious practice of other agencies submitting candidates' resumes without their knowledge or permission.


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