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LAW DAWGS, INC. (LDI) has recently merged/transitioned to a National Legal and Executive Search Platform!

LDI now provides exclusive retained engagements for Partners, In-House Counsel, and C-Suite Professionals for AM Law 500 law firms and Fortune 500 companies.

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Legal and Corporate Staffing Specialists


1099 MISC Form
The form on which a company reports to the government the amount of earnings paid to an independent contractor.

A document outlining the obligations of each party in a transaction.

A person that has been qualified for a particular position and submitted to the hiring company for their approval.

Clerical Assistants
Includes secretaries, word processors, transcriptionists and more.

Complimentary Resume Review Service
Process whereby candidates are provided with constructive feedback and detailed suggestions for resume improvement at no cost.

Confidentiality Assurance
Assurance that all job-search activities on behalf of the potential candidate remain private and protected.

Contingent Staffing
Temporary and variable labor used to augment core functions during periods of high activity.

Contingent Workers
All workers other than direct full-time employees of a company.

Contract and Project Attorneys
Individuals or teams of contract support attorneys working under the supervision and management of our clients’ management and staff attorneys.

Contract and Project Legal and Corporate Jobs
Temporary staffing opportunities to help with complex projects.

Relationship whereby employees are supplied to a client company by a legal or corporate staffing company for a specified time or project.

Employee of a legal or corporate staffing company supplied to a client company.

Corporate Placement
Placement of corporate executives on a permanent basis.

Corporate Staffing
Placement of support and administrative staff on a temporary, project, temp-to-hire and direct-hire basis.

Direct-hire Placements
See Corporate or Legal Placement.

Employee Benefits
Employee compensation in addition to wages.

Exclusive Right-to-Represent Authorization
Process that eliminates potential “multiple submissions” from other agencies and avoids the sharp practice of other agencies submitting candidates’ resumes without their knowledge or permission.

Federal Unemployment Tax Act.

The practice of actively searching for employees.

Legal Placement
Placement of attorneys on a permanent basis.

Legal Staffing
Placement of support and administrative legal staff on a temporary, project, temp-to-hire and direct-hire basis.

Legal Support Staff
Document clerks and coders, legal assistants, paralegals, law clerks and J.D.s, contract attorneys, contracts administrators, legal administrators.

Liability Insurance
Insurance covering third party injury or property damage.

Litigation/Trial Preparation Teams
Document production, privileged document review, due diligence, medical record summarization, deposition digesting, litigation case managers.

Difference between the rate billed to the client company and the wage paid to the contractor.

Percentage by which the wage paid to the contractor is increased when billed to the client company.

The amount billed to the client company divided by the wage paid to the contractor.

Office Support Staff
Legal messengers, copy/errands personnel, receptionists, file clerks.

The process whereby a portion of or an entire department of a client company is staffed by contractors supplied by a legal or corporate staffing company.

Payroll Taxes
Federal, state and local income taxes withheld from employee's wages.

Refers to direct-hire positions with client companies.

Placement Company
A company in the business of filling direct-hire positions for client companies.

Candidates placed in staff positions with client companies.

Quality Assurance Commitment
Guarantee offered on each assignment designed to protect the best interests of clients and candidates.

The practice of attempting to acquire the services of a person for an employer.

Requisition Parameters
In-depth evaluation of a client's unique personnel requirements and corporate culture.

Retained Basis
Paying an up-front fee when hiring a company to perform a specific search for a position.

State Unemployment Insurance.

Satisfaction Guarantee
Law Dawgs offers a 90-day replacement guarantee for all direct-hire placements.

Screening Process
Analysis of a candidate's suitability for a particular position.

Search Consultant
Provider of full-service human capital solutions to client companies.

Sole-Source Supplier
Relying on a single company for all staffing and recruiting needs.

Refers to temporary positions with client companies.

Staffing Recruiter
A person or company engaged in the practice of finding candidates to fill temporary positions.

Short- or long-term positions to assist with workload peaks and staff shortages.

Positions that allow clients to develop a working relationship with a candidate before extending an offer of employment.

Traditonal Employment
The same as Permanent Employment.

Unemployment Insurance
Funds provided by the government to assist workers who have lost their jobs due to circumstances beyond their control.

W-2 Form
The form on which a company reports to the government the amount of wages earned by an employee along with payroll taxes withheld.

Workers' Compensation
Insurance required to provide medical coverage to employees that suffer job-related injuries or illnesses.

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